Full Day Raft Rentals

$110.00 $99.00

Our River Rafts are of very high grade and can fit up to 8 people each. They come with paddles and life jackets. The rafts are on a trailer which allows you to take them where you would like if you have a hitch receiver on your vehicle. We can also deliver them to any location in Island Park. Some of our recommended locations include the Mack’s Inn and Box Canyon Floats.


Mack’s Inn float is our most popular, it is about a 3 hour float starting at the Big Springs Boat Launch and ending at the Mack’s Inn bridge. The river is very slow moving. The majority of the river is only 3-4 feet deep making it a very safe relaxing option. There are all kinds of wildlife to see including Moose, Deer, Bald eagles, beavers, otters, and much more.

The Box Canyon Float is a 1 hour float starting at the Island Park Reservoir Dam and ending at the Last Chance boat launch. This river is much faster and is full of bigger rocks. We do not recommend taking children under 12 on this float. The river conditions change frequently depending on the amount of water being released from the dam and the time of year. You can expect to get wet and to possibly fall out of the raft.